My People. My Groups. My Experiences.

We live our lives in groups. From the day we are born we interact with others. Families, friends, clubs, classes, teams…the list goes on.

For the most part, the best experiences of our lives happen with others. We travel, dine, play and learn together. We experience life together. That’s the point, isn’t it?

If you have ever planned group activities, you know how challenging it can be. Communications and activities scattered across multiples apps. Details that lose context. Trying to keep it all straight. Even as a participant it isn’t easy.

Families: When’s Jimmy’s practice? Anne’s game? Have you booked the trip yet? What hotel are we staying at? Don’t forget that Mom’s 60th is coming up. We need to plan the party. Find the invite list from Dad’s party. Do you remember where you put it?

Friends: Where are the photos from our camping trip? Oh, on my Google Drive. Let me get you a link. Oh wait, you don’t have a Google account. Sorry. And what was the name of the restaurant we went to when your cousin came to town? Would love to go again. 

Teams: There’s the game schedule in the team app (a different one than last year), chat in SMS, pics via email (wish I could remember where the one with the pic of Timmy’s perfect pitch was). We need to plan the team party. Whose house? Who’s bringing what?

Destination wedding: Where to even start. A large group of people involved in multiple activities, meals and accommodations. Some go here and some go there. And maybe some want to do their own thing. A nightmare to organize in the moment. Then there are the shared memories after the fact?

Social club: Who’s turn is it to host? Who’s bringing what meal? Who’s picking this month’s book? My gosh, that dish that Sally made was fantastic. She needs to share the recipe with the group. Loved that wine too.

You get my point. It isn’t easy.

But organizing is only the first challenge.

The second is preserving the memories. You see, group apps are built around the group, not the member. You leave the group; you lose your memories. And that’s not cool.

And who wants to use multiple applications to do what one can? I certainly don’t. I can get all my groups and all their experiences in a single app – Experium.

It’s time for a technology revolution!

Experium is The Group Experience App

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