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Groups come in all shapes and sizes.  And they exist to share experiences. It takes effort to run them smoothly. Now smooth is easy with Experium, The Experience App for Groups. 

Experium simplifies organization so you can spend more time enjoying each other and the experiences that you share.

With all the great features you need to schedule, communicate, share documents and images/videos, your members will love it too!


  • Communication flexibility allows members to participate how they want
  • Use RSVP to determine who will be attending events
  • Multiple Admins lets you share the work involved in larger events or groups
  • Keep all your activities and experiences in one place
  • Use polls to gather feedback and input
Group chat


Experium allows groups to communicate however their members want – social, instant communication, group email. No more jumping around from app to app looking for the last notice or invitation.

Finally, a single group solution that everyone can agree on.


In an active group, the calendar is the star of the show. Any old calendar can schedule an activity. But the magic comes from having all the logistics, images and documents in one place.

And best of all, Experium can manage simple activities or complex experiences such as group travel.

Experium - The Experience App


Group experiences like travel and events require an extra level of organization. Experium keeps all the details organized and together…in a nice and neat experience package.

So no more searching for details when you need them. They’re all at your fingertips.

Experium is the Ultimate Group Organizer App!

Manage Groups

Experium is designed for flexibility!

  • Customizable Roles
  • Group Experience Management
  • Perfect for Traveling Groups
  • Multi-level Privacy Settings
  • Shared Admin Features
  • Monetization Features
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